Friday, 21 February 2014

Massacre Build 2

I bought some aluminium.

I paid for the cutting on the bars.

I took pictures.

Holy fuck I actually did things? Something is wrong here. But yes, Massacre went from an idea in my headbrain and in CAD to semi Pretend-O-Bot in a day or so. I was happily bumbling away in the shed working on some motor mounts for Shane Swan's beetleweight "RPM" when my Dad knocked on the door struggling under the weight of my lovely aluminium package. Needless to say it was ripped open pretty sharpish!
The 15x50mm bar was unavailable so I ended up with 2" by 5/8", imperial-bot go! Also, instead of 2" square bar I got sent 2" diameter round. Bugger. That has put a slight hold on any gearbox making, I've sent them an email to try and get it sorted. If not I can ghetto up a box from 10mm plate pretty easily.

Well, I've been playing around with it, just getting a feel for how roboty it is. Rough lay out (none of the components are in their correct positions) Can't get over how low the frame is and the really scary part is that it won't be getting much higher. Such is the life for a robot that needs a low weapon. Speaking of which, the blade height looks to be around 70mm or so, hopefully enough to catch a few of the low wedges.           

A bit more pretending/picture spam. Added in the weapon motor and rangle gears and a random bit of steel round to be Shaft Simulator 2014. The frame ends up 30mm narrower than this when actually assembled how its supposed to. Can't really do that just yet as I haven't marked any of it out to carve up on the mill yet. It will be interesting to work on to say the least. Oh and in the last picture there is a piece of carbon fibre to add poshness and professionalism. That's totally how it works right? Battery is a 5s (18.5v) lithium polymer.
Now why did we need to see another pointless render of Massacre? I hear you cry noiselessly. Well its because of the bar. It's happening. Like really. wow. A very kind and extremely helpful roboteer named Mario was good enough to sort out material and cutting of the bar out of  8mm Creusabro 8000 which is a steel similar to Hardox or Bisalloy. I've nicknamed it "Come-at-me-bro" for now. In a week or two I should have 3kg of spinny death, which is always nice. 

Cheers, Haz.


  1. you just running a bushing on the bar?

    1. Ideally no, I'm going to first try it with bearings and if those fail or don't work I'll put a bushing in it. The bushing was easier to CAD.
      Thank you.