Friday, 7 February 2014

Massacre build part one

That's right, build!



Ok well I haven't started attacking metal yet but by the time this gets read I'll have ordered the material for the frame. I did however do some work on the wheels, and wheels are kind of important for a robot. Taking the rather swish nylon wheels that Ellis made (that I still haven't paid him for, oops) and getting the tread put on them. The wheels are 30mm wide and handily the bike tire in question had a 30mm wide bit of tread with the same pattern (different patten either side of it) so I could make some snazzy looking wheels. We had a bit of a worry weather the screw heads would stick up further than the tread but it turned out to be fine. I only stuck a couple screws in because I'll have to take the tire off to press the nut into the wheels so it can mate with the drill shaft. Pics:

Yep, those are definitely wheels. You may be wondering why exactly I decided to stick the tires on before pressing the inserts into the wheels. My awns er is because A, I didn't have any inserts yet and B because I wanted to have a propperish looking pretendobot.                                                                                      

There you can see Massacre roughly being formed with the wheels of wheelyness and the shaft of chunk (which will be cut down a lot to stop it being so massive and chunky)                                                     

That's all for now, probably more progress next week. Cheers, Haz.

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